12-Days KN Dieta - Training

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7th – 18th July 2024


The 12-day KN dieta training is only available in the Peruvian jungle at our center, of which days 8 will be spent in solitude and the rest of the days will be dedicated for other activities. During the retreat, one will meet members of the Matses tribe, learn about the origins of the medicine, and discover how to find the frogs and extract their remedy. Another important element of this training is the Kambo dieta, which is a shamanic practice of the Amazon that helps people to connect to the frog spirit. Considering that the roots of this medicine lie in shamanism, it is a great experience for any Kambo practitioner to have.

  • This retreat is available for all those that have successfully completed the basic KN training and want to continue their studies to become fully certified KN practitioners.
  • Practitioners that were trained by others can also apply for this training if they have the desire to deepen their knowledge and experience a Kambo dieta.
  • Individuals that are looking for deeper healing can also join our Kambo dieta.

After finishing this retreat you will be listed on our website as qualified KN practitioners if you have already accomplished our 14 days basic training . You will also be able to get in touch with us and other KN practitioners in our private FB group where we discuss Kambo related topics.



Amazon Soma

It is recommended that all participants arrive at least one day prior to the dates of the retreat if possible. It is good to have some rest after the trip, overcoming the jet lag and getting ready for the jungle. We can help you to find the right accommodation in town.



 Includes transport from Iquitos to the retreat center and back, Kambo dieta-training, Kambo treatments, food and accommodation during the retreat. 

 All the participants will have a private mosquito proof hut, clean filtered water for drinking and rich vegan meals / diet food during the dieta.

 We are also offering the possibility to all the participants to purchase additionally high quality and fair priced Kambo sticks, Sananga and Rapé . All the Kambo medicine is harvested by the Matses tribe and a part of the payment goes in to social projects that helps to create a better environment for the frogs and the community. The Sanaga is made by the Matses tribe and the Rapé comes from Brazil made by different tribes living there.  

Training Schedule

We will depart around midday to our center. A minibus awaits to ferry us 44km from the city, leading on the primary road to Nauta. For the final kilometer, a dirt road emerges, accessible solely during the dry season and clear weather. Should these conditions align, our journey culminates at the center’s entrance. Alternatively, a brief 1km stroll beckons us if nature’s whims dictate otherwise.

We will spend the morning milking the frogs and extracting their precious medicine. Following this there will be a Kambo session, which will be performed by Robinson. You will experience the power of the fresh medicine directly from the frog and see how a Matses treatment is performed.

Later in the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to listen to the Matses’ stories, and they will answer all your questions about their tribe and their use of the Kambo.


Considering that all participants will already have experience as Kambo practitioners and there will be no need of practicing applications, the number of the sessions will be individually decided based on the needs of the trainees.

The sessions will be performed in the morning following a quick shearing and the possibility to clarify any questions related to Kambo that may come up. Apart of that there will be no other interactions between the participants so they can remain in silence and only focus on the dieta in order to get the most out of it. 

On the 8th day of the dieta, there will be no Kambo sessions. Instead, you will have the opportunity to experience the traditional dieta. This means you will be asked to stay in your hut all day. Food will be brought to your hut, and there will be a visit from the teachers where you can express your process if needed.

In the night there will be an optional Ayahuasca ceremony for an extra cost of 200 soles.


In the morning, a Dieta closure ritual will be conducted, allowing you to gradually transition back to your regular activities as you navigate the post-dieta phase of the retreat.

Following integration work of the Dieta teachings, dream sharing and interpretation of the visions and experience.

We’ll depart the center back to Iquitos after lunch.


  •  Older than 21 years
  • First Aid certification (can also be done after training) 
  • Physically and mentally capable of undergoing the training 
  • Personal or a video chat with the trainer
  • Participation by at least 5 Kambo sessions before the training
  • We also recommend you to read the book SAPO IN MY SOUL by Peter Gorman  

 For a better attention, the retreat will be held in a small group of max. 10 people

 We are therefore asking for a non refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount to secure your place, and to deposit the other 50% minimum 2 months before the retreat dates.

 If you cancel your participation during the last month before the start of the training then no refund will be given. 

Transferwise may be the best payment method for if you are using any other currency than Euro.