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What I received throughout this training goes way beyond anything I have expected. Deyan carries a huge amount of knowledge and after three weeks of learning and dieta I feel well prepared to hold space for safe Kambo ceremony. The learning is a deep experience and I recommend this journey to anyone who feels called to learn about this sacred medicine and who feels ready to commit to a deeper process. Thank you for this wonderful experience.
Stephan M.
I really enjoyed the Kambo Naturista practitioner training. I feel I got a great foundation to begin serving Kambo. I am leaving feeling confident in mey skills & knowledge that I learned. I really appreciate the Kambo Dieta in the middle, it really helped me connect with myself and the medicine. Deyan did a great job explaining Kambi & how it works – included shamanic work ad well, for a well-rounded training. I look forward to the future & what doors open. I would definitely come back for another Kambo dieta to go deeper with the medicine. I always felt safe & supported the entire time. A fantastic profound three weeks in the jungle!
Rachel G.
Very well-structured training coverd science and practical exercises. Live contact with the frogs in their natural habitat and kambo dieta helped me to create a deep connection with the medicine and it’s spirit. All experience of the training brought confidence and profound base how the work with kambo safe and with full understanding of holistic approach – body, mind and spirit.
Dash C.
Just completed the November 2023 Kambo Training and can honestly say, it was incredibly transformative experience. Deyan’s dedication to the medicine and his work towards working a beautifully balanced and thorough learning experience, is exceptional. I arrived with a basic understanding of the medicine and leave feeling like I have been on a wonderful journey of healing, growth and with a really strong understanding of what it is to be a Kambo practitioner. I feel totally prepared to serve with confidence and bring those learning to my community, as I take the next steps in my medicine journey. Thanks Deyan, it really has been an experience I will never forget!
If you want to go deep with Kambo and really embody integrity as a practitioner this is the place to come. Experience training that requires courage and commitment to complete. You will find personal growth here. You will also be safely and thoughtfully challenged to develop as a future Kambo practitioner.
James G.
Three weeks of intense work with the powerful medicine of Kambô. Three weeks of learning a lot about the frog, myself and others. Three weeks of listening to the sounds of the jungle, my inner voice, Deyans knowledge and my fellow participants. It was a profound, interesting, joyful, challenging, deeply transformative and educative experience and I'm so glad that I made the decision to come to Peru to attend Deyans training. If you want to go straight to the source, gain deep knowledge, have an authentic encounter with the medicine and get the best opportunity to become a responsible kambo practitioner, than Kambonaturista is the right choice!

Thank you Deyan
Thank you Acate
Nadine K.
Several years after my Kambo training with Deyan, I felt the calling to reconnect and strengthen my bond with the frog medicine and the forest. I signed up for another dieta, this time on Deyan’s land. I received more than I could ask for. Beautiful environment, safe and private dieta space, Kambo sessions according to my calling and proper guidance along the way. The power and tranquility of the forest and daily little miracles helped me regain my power and shed all that was no longer supporting me. Post dieta integration and the healthy food throughout and even more delicious after dieta only enhanced everybody’s return back. The staff were fantastic and all our needs were always met. The entire stay was spiced with peace, love and much support along the way. I absolutely recommend any dieta or retreat Amazon Soma has to offer to all who work with the medicine or simply look for healing and more balance.

Thank you for everything Deyan! I will definitely return.
I entered the kambo dieta not as a practitioner but for my own healing. My journey with the medicine started before I even arrived, with some blocks and difficulties. Dejan adapted to accommodate me and I am so grateful to have that space held. I got to complete my full dieta with days to integrate either side. He was a really calm and grounded presence and I felt like I was held well energetically. The healing with the medicine was deep and my process was wonderful broad and powerful. Meeting the frogs, walking with Robinson and Dejan in the jungle and then receiving the fresh medicine is something indescribable when you are a westerner who has received this medicine outside the amazon. It really brings the spirit of the medicine and the wisdom and grace of the frog to you and into your body. I'm so grateful for my time in kambo naturista and to dejan and Robinson. Also the food was good, even when there was no salt!
The last 21 days, spent in the Amazon jungle learning and training with deyan has been the most unforgettable experience of my life this far. Deyan’s passion for this medicine really shows in this training and I am so thankful for him to have created this space that allows us to learn from him, then to be able to share this gift with the world. This training has made me fall even more in love with Kambo than I ever thought possible. The dieta was new for me and it allowed me to go deep within to grow, and to be able to notice things in my life that I need to work on, and gave me great insight into how I want to show up for myself and others. Getting to meet the frog was such a special gift. I am forever grateful for this experience, Deyan, his land, Robinson, the staff, and my fellow trainees. I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life, and I can’t wait to share what I have learned and apply this knowledge with my community ad a new Kambo practitioner. Thank you
This is my 3rd Kambo training and I must say I am happy I waited to take this training with Kambo Naturista (Deyan) last because it has made such a profound difference, not only in my practice, but also in my personal life. What attracted me about this training initially was the fact that we got the opportunity to go out wit the members of the Matses tribe to collect the Acate from the frog. It was important for me to see how it is sourced and gain not only knowledge but also appreciation, and I did. The highlight of those 21 days the dieta with Kambo and the ceremony with mother Aya the last day WOW. I don’t have the words to describe how LIFE-CHANGING and transformational it has been. I am beyond grateful and I am recommending it to everyone.

Mar T.

Kambo Naturista is Kambo university. Extremely deep + comprehensive, you can be assured that you will leave with not only an extraordinary education, but also having formed a true connection + relationship with the medicine.
Taslim L.
The Kambo practitioner training with Deyan was all in all a holistic experience. It is not only a training to get deeper knowledge about Kambo, its history, the facts around it and how it works. Deyan takes you on a deep journey through his profound knowledge about the medicine itself and everything around it. During the training I was also able to connect deeper to the spirit of the medicine. It was not something done in theory but I was actually able to meet the Kambo frog and experience fresh medicine from it. Being able to have time for the practical training during the dieta days, but at the same time being also able to reflect on my personal life and on the questions, which have appeared in the jungle far away from home, makes this training very special. I was able to build trust in myself for all the practical session when I was applying to myself and later to other fellow students. It is a one of a kind training with Deyan, very professional & humble teacher. I am grateful for this experience.
Lydia D.
This 3 weeks have been the most amazing 3 weeks related to healing and personal growth I have experienced. Meeting Acate has been an extremely enriching experience for my being as he has showed me strength, humbleness and discipline. Combine that with the amazing teacher and trainer Deyan and the beautiful place in the jungle + the special individuals that came to the training and you have a recipe for love, growth and success. Thank you Deyan for the amazing job you are doing and being responsible for so much goodness in the world. Also thanks to Acate for granting me the opportunity to learn your medicine and giving me the permission to share it. To both of you, thank you for being Maestros.
From the deepest place in my heart I want to share my gratitude for Deyan, the Matses, the gorgeous land of the training, and immediately also for all the Kambo Naturista practitioners who keep the medicine and healing alive, and give us and so many others the possibility to train here with Deyan. The training is all about holistic healing and learning to look at the bigger picture instead of only learning how to apply Kambo. It’s also a perfect balance of learning about Kambo and healing yourself as well. The dieta is the real work that you will do on yourself. Not just for improving your own quality of life but also for becoming and embodied medicine practitioner. The Kambo-family here will stay forever in my heart. And Deyan will be my highly-appreacieted and recommended to all Kambo- teacher always. Thank you so much Deyan. All the blessings, love and joy to you. See you again.
Loba Luna
I can’t imagine learning about Kambo anywhere else. A truly incredible holistic 21 days Kambo practitioner training. Deyan is a passionate about his craft and is a dedicated teacher for this medicine. I feel I got more than I asked for the 21 days I spent at the training, coming much more passionate about the medicine, it’s practice. History and becoming an integrous Kambo practitioner. Deyan is thorough and patient, covers a wide range of topics relted to the medicine and uses lots of examples from his personal experiences to make sure we understand everything we are learning. You will be in great hands at a beautiful, sacred and in the Peruvian jungle, home to the Kambo frogs, to learn this medicine. I recommend this training with all my heart.
I felt the experience of the training was very authentic, deep, and covered so much important information that im so happy i got to learn from Dayen. I felt he really know what he is teaching out of experience and years of practice. The place of the training is beautiful and quite, perfect for going through this process and really feel the nature and to get to know the place that the medicine is really coming from. One of the most beautiful thing on this training is the opportunity to meet the frog, to see her in her natural environment, to see how the people collect the medicine and to really understand where its coming from and what it’s take to do it. Super important for everyone that working with kambo! The dieta was a beautiful strong experience, super special to do dieta with kambo. deep cleanse, and creating deep connection with the spirit of the frog. This 3 weeks is definitely a life changing time, with so much beauty, challenges and growth. Thank you for the chance to experience this! highly recommend, if you have a call to go deep with kambo medicine its a beautiful way to go!
I cannot recommend Kombo Naturista and my teacher enough. The practitioner training I received was truly profound and transformative. My teacher's guidance and the structure of the training were outstanding and helped me to navigate the challenges of the program with ease. I left the training feeling empowered and confident in my abilities. I am deeply grateful for this healing and learning experience and would highly encourage others to embark on this journey with Kombo Naturista" and Dayan.
Nino J.
Kambo Naturista review If you're looking for a Kambo Practitioner training look no further! These 3 weeks are intense, challenging, rewarding, and life changing. You'll connect, purge, help, hold space, learn, see purge, learn more, diet, eat great food, laugh and make life long friends and memories. Deyan knows his craft and will share all he knows with you. You'll get out of the training with the confidence, knowledge and skills to serve this miraculous medicine to the world and help heal one soul at a time.
Joao B.
Having competed the practitioner training program of Kambo Naturista, I am bringing with gratitude for the opportunity. Intentions to receive authentic direct experience and through teachings have been fulfilled and exceeded within the container of the three weeks training. Before arriving, I trusted my referral in that this program would provide conditions appropriate for achievement of growth, awareness and competence in respect to comprehension of Kambo, the cultivation of ability to confidently carry the medicine, as well as hold solid space as a facilitating conduit for healing potential. As mentioned, intentions for this have been fulfilled and surpassed, and I credit Deyan especially for creating and sustaining exceptionally safe, professional, open-hearted presence as the program director. Indebted with abundant gratitude for the thoughtful design of the training as it has provided enriching and intimate experience learning essential information about Kambo, while simultaneously supporting individual and collective healing, engaging with the medicine treatments. This process of initiate education/ would recommend without hesitation to anyone seeking to develop and/ or expend abilities to facilitate Kambo, as the standard of Deyan’s well – rounded expertise has shined throughout. To simply witness an individual operating in integrity for the sake of service is invaluable alone, although even more so to feel welcomed to absorb teaching from a person with such diverse awareness and perspective. Conclusion, I give deep thanks for the holistic growth I have personally observed in myself as well as within the other pupils in attendance and participation of this program, and I am undoubtedly content to have this level of guidance grace my intentions to embody confidence as a practitioner of such powerful medicine. As praises shower from my conscious perspective, surely I share these words genuinely and a deep bow for the existence of such an especially comprehensive learning experience.
Samuel T.
Coming to the training here in Peru was such a revelation in many ways for me. The structure and knowledge Deyan is able to share was truly a blessing. With years of experience he is having and an open mind set, to discuss topics, I really felt it was a perfect way to learn to become a professional practitioner. I am also so grateful to meet the frogs in real life, experience the fresh medicine and connect with the spirit of this powerful medicine. Thank you so much for all that I have learned. I definitely recommend this training to anybody who really wants to serve this medicine and be completely confident in doing so.
Joel K.
Amazing training and Kambo dieta. I came in already serving Kambo and now feel more capable and knowledgeable. Connecting with the medicine on a much deeper level through dieta and multiple personal sessions in a row. Definitely benefited me on a personal level and as a practitioner. A powerful training to held the medicine with integrity and confidence.
Jenn W.
I am very grateful for the decision to take the training at Kambo Naturista. It’s been an in depth learning experience thanks to Deyan . I feelhe created a safe/ professional container for all of us who attended the training, which is very important to me. Deyan has been very friendly, focused and present, open for our questions and needs, helpful and super resourceful so that we become professional practitioners. I would recommend this training to everyone who’s calling is to learn and serve Kambo.
Keti J.
The training Deyan and Kambo Naturista is excellent. I got to learn the practice of applying Kambo safely and effectively, and also was able to deepen my personal connection with the medicine throughout. We covered the science of Kambo actions on body, what conditions it can be helpful for, and how to handle a wide variety of situations that may arise during the treatment. Deyan is a skillful teacher and held the group well. More personally, this was a beautiful combination of training and retreat. I met wonderful people who shared my interest in serving this medicine well. And the dieta was a powerful opportunity to be in retreat, to reflect and meditate with the support of the frog and a beautiful environment. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn to serve Kambo in a supportive and beautiful setting. Thank you Deyan for holding such good space for learning and growth.
James N.
Looking to serve Kambo? This 21 day training is for you! I highly recommend Kambo Naturista and its practitioner training. This training covered theory, practical, history, science and everything in between. The experience of the trainer / facilitator (Deyan) was high class. From start to finish everyone was engaged, the atmosphere was light and the professional structure always welcoming. I personally had my expectations exceeded. I feel confident leaving the training to field any question about Kambo and the medicine, as well as being very capable to serve others this beautiful gift from the Amazon. The integrity of tradition, combined with personal additions has expanded through all topics covered regarding the medicine for body, mind, and spirit. A+++ and recommend in high regard.
Justin M
My experience at Kambo Naturista was amazing from beginning to end. I had the opportunity to meet a great teacher. Such a beautiful a person inside and out. It took one conversation with Deyan to put my life into perspective. When I arrived to the dieta I was broken and defeated. Within a week I was broth back to the light. If you are thinking of joining the dieta, please do so!
Alexis S.
This was my second Kambo dieta with Kambo Naturista. 4 years ago I had a dieta as a part of my practitioners training. This time I had a strong call to do a dieta again. To call this journey transformational is an understatement. I was able to peel a lot of layers of my onion of traumas. I felt loved and supported by the community. Thank you Deyan and Robinson for creating a safe and beautiful space for self-exploration. Can't wait to be back in the jungle. Gracias
Svetlana Z.
Kambo dieta in Amazon jungle - deep dream work during a night time and Kambo sessions and processing during a day time. Kambo Naturista is definitely the best choice - surrounded by beautiful nature, unplugged and with great leading by Deyan and Robinson, who create safe space for your inner work. It’s exactly all you need to go deeper.
Dasha D.
Deyan, Robinson and rest of the family of Kambo Naturista provided excellent support for a smooth dieta. Deyans holistic knowledge and purposeful care for the space allowed the personal work needing done, to be done . I will return
Johnny W.
A truly indiscernible experience, the expectations I set were all based from fear, this work and all the support I received allowed me to see inside and free myself from all of my own limitations. I discovered a new level of my personal power and am ready to take.
Sam H.
My experience with Deyan + Robinson and Kambo Naturista way life changing to say the least. Deyan holds sacred space and has abundant knowledge, spiritualty, mentally and physically. Eternally grateful for this healing experience. Thank you
Megan S.
Great and challenging experience! Meeting the frogs and closing experience was great! Amazing team at Kambo Naturista, thank you!
Juan Z.
The Kambo 12 dieta- training was absolutely fantastic. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but the rewards I know will ripple through the rest of my life. The facility and workers are all so wonderful and sweet. Deyan is pure love. He carries the dieta with such grace. I 100% recommend coming here to allow yourself the space to grow and learn about yourself and who you want to become, because there is a huge transformation at the end of the 12 days.
Heather C.
This 3 weeks of training were transformative, intense and magical. Deyan is amazing space holder, I was mesmerized by this 1 man show. Thank you for your wisdom, teachings, kindness and at some time firmness, thank you for providing the tools to navigate throughout life. Everything was very well planned from food, to daily routines. Beautiful journey with a bunch of new friends, that how it felt. I love the frogs even more now. Thanks.
Julia I.
This was so much more than a Kambo training for me personally. I received way more than I anticipate. The food was nourishing, and delicious. The group synergy was light, loving and connected. I felt very safe with Deyan as our teacher. Deyan is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Kambo and so much more. The knowledge as well as healing that I received from this training was priceless. I am leaving Kambo Naturista felling spacious and ready to share this powerful medicine. Thank you, Deyan, Robinson and the kitchen team that made this 21-days possible. Defiantly recommend this training to someone who is committed to doing their own work. And ready to go deeper and serve this medicine.
Casey H.
Deyan’s Kambo training was an incredible transformative experience. The training is very well organized, concise, informative and I have left feeling empowered and confident in my ability to serve this sacred medicine. Deyan is knowledgeable and has an impressive amount of experience with Kambo. He works closely with indigenous shamans and medicine people of the Amazon and brings his many schools of teachings to his training. I felt very safe throughout my journey and was able to connect with more than just the Kambo spirit, but the spirit of the Amazon itself. I am beyond grateful for Deyan, Robinson and the stuff and lovely beings in my training. Hahóm, Asé
Jo T.
I thoroughly enjoyed this training and dieta experience, I’m truly grateful for it and Deyan. The material covered was in detail and explained clearly, this include the application of Kambo, to self and others. Deyan made the course interesting and engaging. There are 7 of an 8-day dieta that you practice self-application. This experience and practice help to improve and fine-tune your technique and skills and it also allows you to create a relationship with Kambo that is needed to embody the spirit of the frog medicine. The food was great even throughout the dieta, I was happy with it. Deyan is a great trainer and teacher, has a big personality and a lot of fun to be around and conversate with. I highly suggest this practitioner course. The 21-day, immersion is the optimal way to become a Kambo practitioner.
Joe F.
The 21 day training with Kambo Naturista was a comprehensive and extensive course that left me feeling content to work with the medicine as a practitioner. Deyan is filled with immerse knowledge and has as much passion for the work and sharing his wisdom with his students. The way the course is designed is thoroughly thought out and, in that way, flows very well to guide you step by step how to progress and grow to leave you fully prepared as a practitioner. Having a dieta as part of the training was such powerful and imperative addition that allowed me to deeply connect and build a peeper with the Kambo medicine. Deyan is a great teacher, and I really resonant with his teaching style. I couldn’t have imagine doing any other training.
Katie R.
This training was brilliant planned out. Thoughtfully organized from theory to intimate personal experience with the Kambo spirit during the dieta, and plenty of hands on application experience. Deyan is highly knowledgeable and supportive. The location was beautiful, food was very fresk, cozy jungle hut quite comfy. Super grateful for the Kambo Naturista experience.
Brooke S.