14-Days KN Basic Training

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August 26th – September 8th 2024


The 14 days KN basic training is available at various different locations around the globe. Therefore, you can still get good quality training which covers the essential understanding on safety and applications, without going to the Amazon jungle. This training is an essential course, providing the fundamental know-how for a Kambo practitioner. It also covers some theories on shamanism and some holistic methodologies, giving you a deeper understanding about the nature of Kambo medicine. The successful completion of this training will enable you to perform self-applications and applications to others. Nevertheless, as this course does’t cover any deeper shamanic practices or the experience made with the frog it self, the accomplishment of the 12-day KN dieta-training is also required in order to be a fully certified Kambo Naturista practitioner.

  • The KN basic training by itself is ideal for those that are mainly looking to learn how to use Kambo for themselves or their friends and family.
  • It is also perfect for those that are still uncertain whether they want to pursue a career as a Kambo practitioner, as a way to learn more about the role.
  • It can also be convenient for those that want to do our 21-day KN standard training, but simply don’t have enough free time, or are not in a position to travel to Peru at the time. Instead, they can split the training in 2 parts, completing the KN dieta – training at a later time.


Mallorca, Spain


 Private Room : 1800€

Private Bell Tent : 1600€ 

Camping or for People staying outside the Venue Location: 1400€

Also Includes: 

Kambo training, 1 personal Kambo stick, 6 Kambo sessions, Vegan meals

We are also offering to all participants the possibility to purchase additionally high quality and fair priced Kambo sticks, Sananga and Rapé . All the Kambo medicine is harvested by the Matses tribe and a part of the payment goes in to social projects that helps to create a better environment for the frogs and the local community. The Sanaga is made by the Matses tribe and the Rapé comes from Brazil made by different tribes living there.  

Training Schedule


We will start with the 1st Kambo ceremony, guided by Deyan. This will include basic theory and a step by step explanation.

Theory on:

• Holistic & shamanic medicine

• Shamanic approach & how to create a ceremonial space

• How to work with Kambo on a holistic level

• Safe use of Kambo

Technical exercises for the application of Kambo

Introduction into different medicines and instruments that are used in a Kambo ceremony

Practice of Kambo songs

Preparation & exercises for self application

Guided self application

During the next 3 days you will learn step by step how to apply Kambo to to your self and how to master the application without the supervision of the trainer,  the afternoons will be used for adjustments and perfection of the application.

Theory and practical exercises on:

Basic  Anatomy and Physiology

Application techniques

How to support a client during the session

Shamanic breath-work session

We will split into pairs: one will apply the medicine and the other one will receive it.

Guided by the supervision of the trainer, you will get an opportunity to perform everything you learned during the training, and it will be corrected if needed.

The pairs will switch roles the day after.

In the afternoons, we will analyze the work of each person and give feedback on the work.

We will split into pairs again, and continue practicing the treatment. At this point, however, the students should be able safely to apply Kambo to others without any help from the trainers.

 In the afternoons, we will analyze the work of each person and give feedback on the work.

Treatments for people outside of training (real cases)

Integration work

Treatments for people outside of training (real cases)

Closing of the training

summary of all applications performed by the student will be taken into account in order to decide whether they have successfully passed the training. 

If not, then the student will receive another opportunity and can demonstrate their progress in the future.


  •  Older than 21 years
  • First Aid certification (can also be done after training) 
  • Physically and mentally capable of undergoing the training 
  • Personal or a video chat with the trainer
  • Participation by at least 5 Kambo sessions before the training
  • We also recommend you to read the book SAPO IN MY SOUL by Peter Gorman  

 For a better attention, the course will be held in a small group of max. 6 people

We are therefore asking for a non refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount to secure your place, and to deposit the other 50% minimum 2 months before the retreat dates.

If you cancel your participation during the last month before the start of the training then no refund will be given.

Transferwise may be the best payment method for if you are using any other currency than Euro.