2 Days Matses-Kambo experience

If you’re interested on encountering the vibrant world of Kambo frogs, guided by an authentic member of the Matses tribe and immersing yourself in their traditional Kambo application, then this unique experience awaits you.

In recent years, Iquitos has transformed into a hub for shamanic plant medicines and Kambo. Unfortunately, it has also turned into a tourist attraction, resulting in a decline in authenticity and integrity. It’s all too easy to stumble upon fake shamans and charlatans posing as indigenous people just to enhance their product sales. If you share our belief that such individuals shouldn’t be supported, then avoid falling into this tourist trap and seek out the real source. In Peru, the Matses tribe is the only group involved in traditional Kambo practice, easily identified by their distinctive facial tattoos.

You have two options to engage with the Matses and their Kambo work. You can venture to their community near the Brazilian border, but be prepared for a bit of adventure – you can’t just show up there unaccompanied, it is a long journey and you will need a guide. Alternatively, some Matses individuals reside outside the community and welcome visitors. Robinson, who has been working with Kambo Naturista since day one, is one of these individuals. By choosing this path, you’ll enjoy an authentic experience at our center just outside Iquitos, and you will also be provided with comfort and safety.

While we offer this experience throughout most of the year, please be aware that translation services may not always be available. If you don’t speak Spanish, feel free to contact us in advance to confirm if translation assistance can be provided.

To reach our location, you can take a shared taxi from Iquitos to carreter a Nauta KM44  (costing 8 soles), departing approximately every twenty minutes. The journey takes about one and a half hours, ideally bringing you to our center in the afternoon.

Upon arrival at our center, you’ll receive a guided tour of the property.
You’ll spend the night in a private mosquito proof hut, providing you with a peaceful retreat after your journey.
At around 7 pm, a dinner will be served, followed by an exciting frog hunt under the night sky.
After capturing some frogs, you’ll return to the property to rest until the next day.

In the morning, you’ll witness the extraction of the Kambo medicine and experience a traditional Matses Kambo application. Following this, you will have a flower bath and a brunch. Later, you have the option to relax or engage in conversations with Robinson about the traditional use of Kambo and his personal experiences, if that piques your interest. Transportation to Iquitos is available until 5 pm, allowing you to depart whenever you feel ready.

This two-day adventure is perfect for those eager to connect with Kambo frogs and the Matses, hear their captivating stories, and undergo a traditional Kambo session.
However, it’s essential to note that this is not a Kambo training program for administering Kambo to others!

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For further information regarding travel details to our center, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

300 $
(discount available for larger groups)

To secure your reservation, we kindly request a 50% deposit of the total payment into Robinson’s account through Remitly. The remaining balance can be settled in cash or via transfer prior to your arrival.