Usage Of Kambo

Kambo is truly a holistic remedy that has its origin in the shamanic tradition of the Amazon where the natives have been using this remedy to induce a deep cleansing of the body and soul, cure many diseases and attract positive energies. There is no doubt that Kambo has numerous uses, this has been observed specifically over the last decade as Kambo has made its way all over the world which has exponentially increased the number of users. Due to its holistic nature it can be categorized as a remedy that can be used for physical, mental and energetic ailments.

On the physical level Kambo helps to detox the body, strengthen the immune system and activate the self-healing power. It serves as a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It cleans the blood, improves general well-being and it also can enhance physical performance and vigor. 

Many users have reported that Kambo helped them greatly with health conditions like: allergies, respiratory problems, rheumatism, chronic pain and infections, chronic fatigue, lyme disease, hepatitis, malaria, zika, diabetes, substance addiction, post chemotherapy and many more. Studies show that some peptides in Kambo can also be very effective in dealing with alzheimer, parkinson’s disease, infertility, cancer, AIDS and other serious conditions. 

On the mental level Kambo helps to cleanse the overloaded mind and the negative emotions. Most people report after the treatment a clearness of the mind and a strong optimism which is correlated with the healing of depression, anxiety and sorrow. Burnout symptoms can often be alleviated and in some cases, an increase of mental focus and a strong will power is also reported.

On the energetic level Kambo is defined by its ability to clear „panema“  which can be translated as bad luck or negative energy. The tribesmen of the Amazon use Kambo to clear themselves from it when they feel that things are not going right for them. The Matses-tribesmen use Kambo for more luck when hunting in order to catch a big animal. In the Western culture we can use Kambo to improve our everyday lives such as finding a job and being more successful in it, which could correspond to archaic desires of being the best hunter. 

Kambo users often describe being recharged with positive energy and capable of achieving their goals. It is said that everything flows a bit better in life after taking Kambo.

Individual outcome

If the impression has arisen by now that Kambo can cure anything, one still has to consider that every human being is unique and the outcome of the treatments can vary. Although there is no doubt of the wide range of uses of Kambo, it is sometimes necessary to find the right treatment specific to each person and condition. The amount of treatments, correct dosage and lifestyle are also vital in order to have the most continuous beneficial effects. Everybody is different and so every session can be a bit different, the positive results and the amount of time it may take to feel those results is also individual. Kambo works on many levels and is unique in its translation, that’s why it is important to not compare Kambo with conventional medicines but some precautions are still necessary.


There are numerous studies that have been done on peptides which were found in Kambo but there is no clinical research that has been done on the use of Kambo and all of the data we have is based on experiences of different practitioners and users. In order to be sure that the use of Kambo is safe for you it is always important to be honest with your practitioner and tell about your wellbeing, medical history and use of medications or drugs. Even with the wide range of the applications areas precautions need to be taken if a person has some of the following conditions :

• Very low blood pressure or when on blood pressure medication

• General heart problems

• Brain hemorrhage

• Aneurysms or blood clots

• Addison’s Disease

• Esophageal varices

• Pancreatitis

• Taking immune-suppressants for organ transplant

• Recovering from a major surgical procedure

• Undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy

• Epilepsy

• Schizophrenia

• Psychosis

• Pregnancy