Shortly before the treatment you have to drink around 2 litres of warm water, traditionally  some tribes would drink masato (a drink made out of the yuca root) or chapo (a drink made out of bananas) . This will help you in the process of throwing up and it reduces the uncomfortable effects of the treatment.  

After that a tamshi (a thin vine which is traditionally used to make baskets) or incense stick will be set on fire and blown out. The glowing end will be used to burn the skin superficially. This procedure will be performed on a body-area that gets selected beforehand. There will be several points burned into the skin (the number varies from person to person). After that the burned layer of skin will be removed and the secretion will be applied onto the wounds. For this purpose the secretion on the stick will be softened using a few drops of water or saliva and rolled into little balls. To each burn wound one of the balls will be applied.  

It has to be taken into account that depending on the skin type and the aftercare these burning marks may be visible for many months afterwards.