How Often To Take Kambo?

This can be  very individual depending on the persons needs and the health situation, so it is necessary to have a talk with the practitioner prior to treatment.   

In many cases one treatment can be sufficient to achieve some desired effects. Yet it is recommended to use Kambo more often than once, because Kambo cleanses our body layer after layer each time. There are several ways how  Kambo can be taken and they may vary from different tribes and practitioners, for example it can be taken in the form of a “Dieta”, for several days in a row (especially when dealing with bigger issues), once a week, twice in a month, for new moon or similar. In this way you reconnect to the previous treatment and experience an even deeper cleansing. In many cases you have to increase the dosage if the intervals between the treatments are short because Kambo stays in the system for some time carrying on its work. In case of a long interval between the treatments it is recommended to start again with a smaller dose and very often one will feel intuitively when it is the right time for the next Kambo treatment.