9-Day Ayahuasca Introduction Retreat

We would like to invite you to our 9-day introduction retreat to the traditional shamanic craft of the Peruvian Amazon.

The retreat will include:

  • 4 ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Learning how to cook ayahuasca
  • Learning about shamanic use of tabaco
  • Learning about shamanic use of perfumes
  • Learning shamanic songs / Icaros
  • Learning to prepare flower/ plant baths
  • Accompanied with yogic practices and integration circles

Our retreat includes four authentic Ayahuasca ceremonies led by the esteemed Mestizo Ayahuasquero Don Benigno, a master of the craft who has been drinking the medicine since he was a young boy. Now, he is in his 80s, often seen wearing sunglasses due to an accident that resulted in the loss of sight in one of his eyes. He always has his mapacho in hand, ready to do the work. Apart from tabaco, he also uses perfumes in his ceremonies, and he has some powerful limpias that can be deeply felt. Overall, he exudes a lovely grandfather energy and possesses a lot of wisdom that he is open to sharing.

During the retreat, you’ll not only experience the power of Ayahuasca but also learn how to prepare it. You will learn about the shamanic use of tabaco, perfumes, and how to prepare flower/plant baths. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn and practice Don Benigno’s icaros/ceremony songs, and deepen your understanding of the shamanic practice.

In addition to the shamanic work, the retreat will be accompanied by yogic practices and integration circles.

Deyan, who has spent many years learning the craft of Ayahuasca shamanism will assist and support you throughout the retreat. He will help with translation if necessary, facilitate integration (dream and vision) circles after the ceremonies, and he will mediate between traditional shamanic craft and the modern take on it. Having over a decade of experience with the organization of shamanic retreats in the Amazon, he is mostly known being the founder of Kambo Naturista. But you will also benefit from his knowledge as a meditation/yoga teacher and Vedic counselor, where you will learn to work with your energy and integrate your experiences for your best.

Please note that this introduction retreat is not intended to train you to serve Ayahuasca.

An apprenticeship is required, which lasts for many months and includes shamanic plant dietas. However, it’s an excellent starting point for anyone interested in pursuing a path as a facilitator or deepening their knowledge of Ayahuasca.


July 3rd -11th, 2023


Iquitos, Peru, Amazon Soma

This retreat is hosted at our center which is located 45km outside Iquitos, Peru. The location offers a peaceful and safe environment for your journey and is equipped with private mosquito-proof huts for your comfort. You’ll also enjoy delicious, ayahuasca-friendly vegan meals during your stay.



Includes: food- delicious ayahuasca-friendly vegan meals, lodging- a peaceful and safe environment for your journey, equipped with private mosquito-proof huts, and all activities mentioned above.

All the participants will have a private mosquito proof hut, clean filtered water for drinking and rich vegan meals / diet food during the dieta.


Arrival at the center – preparation for the cooking of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca cooking – ceremony

Yoga – integration circle – learning icaros

Yoga – integration circle – singing circle – ceremony

Yoga – integration circle – tabaco work

Yoga – integration circle – singing circle – ceremony

Yoga – integration circle – perfumes work

Yoga – integration circle – singing circle – ceremony

Yoga – integration circle – leaving the center

Please contact us to determine if this event is suitable for you or not.

After that we will send you the necessary information for the application of this retreat.