About Amazon Soma

As you step onto the sacred grounds of our land, a symphony of vibrant green greets you, with towering palm trees reaching skyward, their fronds dancing in the gentle caress of the tropical breeze. The air is alive with the harmonious chorus of exotic birds and their melodies that are welcoming you to embark on a journey of introspection and renewal.


Amazon Soma is a holistic healing and learning center located 45 km outside Iquitos, Peru.  The name itself encapsulates the essence of our sanctuary. “Soma,” drawn from ancient Sanskrit, symbolizes the divine nectar of transformation. The place is owned by Deyan since 2022 and it is the main location for Kambo Naturista events. 


Like the flourishing rainforest that surrounds us, our center is in a perpetual state of evolution, forever expanding, growing, and blooming. Here, the journey of our sanctuary mirrors your own path, inviting you to embark on a transformative quest toward becoming the finest version of yourself. 


On the spanning 6 hectares of our land you will find different structures. A magnificent ceremonial house, traditionally called Maloca, that serves as a vessel for profound experiences, where seekers gather to partake in classes, ceremonies and celebrations, guided by the intention of healing and expansion.

Various individual huts, known in the jungle as tambos, are scattered on our property and serve as both lodging and retreat spaces for our cherished participants. They embody simplicity with efficiency, designed to shield you from mosquitos and providing privacy and peace. Yet, they also offer enough room for an intimate connection with nature, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding environment and offering you a tranquil backdrop for reflection and self-discovery.

The largest building on the land is our main house, a focal point housing both dormitories, our kitchen and an enchanting outdoor dining area. It’s a space where the alchemical dance of culinary creation unfolds. Located on a wide-open area that amidst these natural realms, a sense of boundless expanse envelops you, encouraging an expansive and free-spirited feeling. Various other structures are also on the property that serve for housing or communal spaces to retreat. Additionally, our land teems with plans for different building projects, permaculture and reforestation.