12 Days Plant Dieta - Retreat

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1st – 12th Dec. 2023 


This retreat offers a profound exploration of the sacred path through the Shamanic Master Plants or Teacher Plants Dieta—a time-honored, strict, and disciplined system that imparts sacred wisdom, guidance, and healing. Whether you seek to deepen your role as a shamanic facilitator or are on a personal journey of spiritual growth and healing, our retreat has something exceptional to offer.

Guided by Experienced Shaman

A retreat of this nature demands the expertise of an experienced shaman who can skillfully initiate and conclude the dieta, possesses in-depth knowledge of plant preparation for the dieta, and can safely guide participants through this transformative journey. At our center, this vital role is fulfilled by our respected maestro, Don Benigno.

Master Plants

Within the realm of our retreat, a rich variety of plants awaits, each endowed with unique healing and teaching qualities. The choice of the most suitable plant is made in consultation with the participants, taking into account their individual needs and experiences. It’s worth noting that certain plants are particularly well-suited for beginners, while others offer profound insights for the more experienced seekers.

In preparation for the dieta, it is advisable for participants to make certain dietary adjustments. This gradual adjustment should ideally commence one to two weeks before the retreat, allowing participants to adapt based on their personal lifestyles and needs. It is recommended to opt for a lighter diet, avoiding heavy foods such as pork, deep-fried dishes, excessively spicy, salty, or overly sweet foods. In addition, participants are encouraged to abstain from alcohol, marijuana use, and the consumption of other drugs.

For those individuals who have a daily coffee consumption habit, a gradual reduction in coffee intake is recommended prior to the dieta as no coffee consumption is allowed during the retreat.

On the day prior to the dieta initiation, participants will be administered a purgative. This serves to facilitate the cleansing process, aiding in the elimination of toxins from the body. This preparatory step greatly enhances the effectiveness of the dieta experience.

For opening of the dieta, the dietero will commence by consuming the provided remedy and diligently adhering to the dieta’s prescribed rules throughout the duration until its closure. During this period, the dietero will predominantly engage in contemplation, enabling the remedy to have its effects not only on the physical body but also on the spiritual realm. This process catalyzes internal transformations, imparting valuable teachings and insights about life in a broader context, ultimately leading to a deeper cosmic comprehension.

Preceding the dieta’s commencement, the night prior will feature an Ayahuasca ceremony, followed by additional Ayahuasca ceremonies on the 3rd, 5th, and 8th days of the dieta.

Post dieta
During the post-dieta phase, the dietero is required to abstain from consuming pork, spicy foods, as well as refraining from alcohol and drug consumption for approximately one month. Additionally, sexual intercourse is prohibited for a duration of 15 days following the dieta. It’s essential to give the post-dieta phase the same level of respect and commitment as the dieta itself if one wishes to experience lasting and profound benefits



Amazon Soma

It is recommended that all participants arrive at least one day prior to the dates of the retreat if possible. It is good to have some rest after the trip, overcoming the jet lag and getting ready for the jungle. We can help you to find the right accommodation in town.



 Includes transport from Iquitos to the retreat center and back, Plant dieta, four Ayahuasca ceremonies, food and accommodation during the retreat. 

 All the participants will have a private mosquito proof hut, clean filtered water for drinking and rich vegan meals / diet food during the dieta.

Retreat Schedule

We will depart around midday to our center. A minibus awaits to ferry us 44km from the city, leading on the primary road to Nauta. For the final kilometer, a dirt road emerges, accessible solely during the dry season and clear weather. Should these conditions align, our journey culminates at the center’s entrance. Alternatively, a brief 1km stroll beckons us if nature’s whims dictate otherwise.

During the morning, you will consume a natural purgative, which will help cleanse your body and prepare you for the Dieta. In the afternoon, you will have enough time to rest and recover before the Ayahuasca ceremony in the night.


After the Ayahuasca ceremony the previous night, you will have already adhered to the Dieta guidelines. In the morning, you will receive a plant remedy crafted from the specific plant you are dieting with.  Depending on the plant, some remedies may be taken daily, while others are served only during the initial 3 or 4 days. Throughout this period, the dietero will primarily engage in contemplation, allowing the remedy to take its full effect. To further enhance this experience, on the 3rd, 5th, and 8th days of the Dieta, there will be Ayahuasca ceremonies held during the night.

In the morning, a Dieta closure ritual will be conducted, allowing you to gradually transition back to your regular activities as you navigate the post-dieta phase of the retreat.

Following integration work of the Dieta teachings, dream sharing and interpretation of the visions and experience.


We’ll depart the center back to Iquitos after lunch. 


  •  Older than 21 years
  • Personal or a video chat with the orginzer
  • Physically and mentally capable of undergoing such a retreat 
  • Free of antidepressants (SSRI) for over a month prior to the retreat 

 For a better attention, the retreat will be held in a small group of max. 10 people

 We are therefore asking for a non refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount to secure your place, and to deposit the other 50% minimum 2 months before the retreat dates.

 If you cancel your participation during the last month before the start of the training then no refund will be given. 

Transferwise may be the best payment method for if you are using any other currency than Euro.