About Don Benigno

Don Benigno embodies the gentle presence of a cherished, wise grandfather, who has lived a life as an Ayahuasquero long before Ayahuasca was a tourist attraction. His essence is one of humility, a testament to a life rich with experiences waiting to be shared. When the sacred brew touches his lips, his true potency emerges, igniting his mapacho to life, animating the chacapa’s rhythm, and invoking ancient icaros with his voice. An invisible mantle of protection emanates from him, enshrouding all those present in a cocoon of safety during their journey. His limpiezas, the energetic cleansings he performs, resonate with potent force, rippling through the participants with undeniable impact.

Born near the Ecuadorian border in a modest community, Don Benigno’s path led him to settle near Iquitos. A dream at the tender age of six, bestowed by the Ayahuasca spirit, foretold his destiny – he was to partake in the sacred brew, which he then did together with his older brother who broth him to the local Ayahuasquero. He later was told by the spirits to smoke mapacho and to fast but his parents didn’t like it at first and he received a lot of backlash for it.


He started working with the medicine when he was only 11 years. Today at age 82 he is having lots of experience in this craft, a true mastery in ceremony and space holding. He has worked as an Ayauhasquero in serval different centers throughout his life and he trained a range of people to become Ayuasqueros, including many locals which are working today as shamans at different locations around Iquitos. 

Throughout his lifetime, Don Benigno encountered numerous challenges, particularly during periods when he distanced himself from his Ayahuasca work. The last setback culminated in an accident that led to the loss of sight in one of his eyes. Ayahuasca seemed to insist on his continued service, hinting that veering from this path might bring misfortune upon him.

His wife Lluli is been very supportive since the accident and for that she is always on his side. Don Benigno’s narrative is one of devotion, resilience, and a lifetime shaped by the spirit of Ayahuasca.