Breathwork is the art and science of using our conscious intention to alter our breathing for specific purposes. Ancient cultures developed breathing exercises for millennia to induce altered states of consciousness and reach higher levels of consciousness, as well as good mental and physical health. Western medicine reduced it to an important physiological function. The psychosomatic response to faster breathing, the so-called hyperventilation syndrome, is considered in western medicine as a pathological condition, rather than what it really is: a technique that has an enormous healing potential. In the last few decades, Western therapists rediscovered the healing potential of breath and developed these techniques known as Breathwork.

Breath-work has the power to alter our states of consciousness and to connect as more deeply with our true self, using the power of deep connected breathing it can create a natural dreamlike state where the ego defenses are released bringing us on a shamanic journey that unfolds in a variety of ways.

Shamanic Breathwork reconnects us with our inner light and healer, just by using our breath in a powerful and transformative way we can connect with our own shaman within, the wisdom that unfolds constantly, it heals the parts of our personality that needs to be integrated by releasing blockages, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Breathwork in addition to a Kambo session can be a complementary therapy that can speed up the healing process and help to release blockades that sometimes may not be easy to reach only with the Kambo medicine. 

For that reason Breathwork sessions are part of our KN training, parts we are using it for the inner healing and parts for becoming better healers and practitioners. We also provide additionally to the Kambo training Breathwork trainings for those who want to improve their healing abilities.