30th Nov. - 20th Dec. 2018  (Spanish)

5th -25th October 2018  (English)


8th - 28th June 2018  (English) FULL 




We are happy to invite you to our 21 days Kambo Naturista training where you can learn all the necessary about how to use safely Kambo medicine. During this intensive retreat you will learn to apply Kambo as well as the origins of the medicine, how to find and to “milk” the frogs and you will have the opportunity to connect deeply to the frog spirit using a shamanic way from the jungle called “Dieta”.

The training is set up so that you can learn step by step how to use this medicine for yourself and as well how to facilitate it for others. You will also have the possibility to meet members of the Matses tribe and learn about their traditional work with the Kambo.

 The knowledge is adapted to western needs and that is why it can be easily applied anywhere on the world. All the Kambo Naturista practitioners will have the possibility after completing the training, to connect with us for any open questions and as well we will give you the possibility to connect directly with a western medical doctor who is very familiar with the Kambo medicine and who can give advice to any pathological related questions. All Kambo Naturista students that accomplish this training successfully will be listed on our website as KN qualified practitioners. 




Comunidad Aro Iris



(when the full price is paid 3 months before training start, the early bird discount is only valid for the first 4 applicants)  


Includes transport from Iquitos to the community and back, one Ayahusaca ceremony, Kambo training, 1 personal Kambo stick, 8-11 Kambo sessions, food and accommodation during the retreat. 

All the participants will have a private mosquito proof hut, clean filtered water for drinking, rich vegan meals and the diet food during the dieta.


 We are highly recommending that the participants arrive few days prior to the dates of the retreat in order to acclimatize to the environment. We can help you to find the right accommodation in town. It is good to have some rest after the travel, overcoming the jet lag and getting ready for the walk into the jungle. It is also possible to arrive couple of days before in the community.

  DAY 1

Ayahuasca ceremony


 We will leave Iquitos by midday on the 8th of June, a taxi is going to bring us 5o km out side of the city and from there we will hike around 40 min. before we will reach our first destination, the Ayahuasca center, where we will be staying one night.

Our luggage will be carried to the Arco Iris community, the final destination and place of the Kambo training.  We will meet our luggage there the following day and this way, will not have to carry it all out to the Ayahuasca ceremony.  The ceremony will begin around 7pm and will be facilitated by the curandera and naturista ( healer)  Doña Otilia Pasmiño.   

Otilia comes from a Mestizo family of healers and, from an early age on, she gained an awareness of her psychic abilities.  She began her career as a shamanic healer in her late teens and since then, started working with dozens of national and international groups and individuals. Much of her profound knowledge in plant medicine also comes from her own health challenges.  After an accident and a serious illness, she began to heal herself by implementing various plant dietas.  

Her work with Ayahuasca is deeply rooted through teachings that she has received from that experience.  With her alternative approach, a multitude of patients have found help and cures for ailments where previous treatments and western medicines could not find satisfying solutions.  

The anthropologist Graham Hancock, author of numerous books, has acknowledged Otilia in his writings.  

 The Ayahuasca ceremony will be our first introduction into the shamanic and naturist approach, it will help us to see more clearly about our life in general.  Otilia will check on everyone's current health status and will recommend a remedial measurement if needed.  


  DAY 2

In the morning there will be the possibility to talk with Otilia in private and to ask her any questions that may have come up during the Ayahuasca ceremony. After breakfast we will head to the Arco arrearsIris community, an approximately 1h walk.

Once we arrive we will accommodate you in your bungalow and show you around.  After lunch we'll gather in the maloca (ceremonial round hut)  where you will receive a deeper introduction into the training and our work.


   DAY 3 

We will start with the 1st Kambo ceremony guided by Deyan & Arnaud, including basic theory & explaining step by step the process. 


 DAY 4

Introduction to different medicines and instruments that are used in addition to the Kambo ceremony. (Rape, Nu-Nu, Tobacco, Sananga, Agua Florida ...)

You will learn to make your own Chacapa ( a rattle made out of leaves ) and learn how to use it.  We will practice Kambo songs as well.


 DAY 5

In the morning we will have the 2nd Kambo ceremony with  Arnaud & Deyan, followed by more theory on: 

- Holistic medicine (body, soul & mind) 

-How to work with the Kambo on a holistic level 

 -The shamanic approach 

 -How to create and hold a ceremonial space 

-Practical and technical exercises  


 DAY 6

Theoretical discussion with the following topics:

 - Safe use of Kambo

 - Application techniques 

- How to support patients during the process 

- First aid for over reaction

 - How to integrate this traditional knowledge in modern society. 

 - Questions & answers


  DAY 7 

In the morning we will have more theory and practical exercises on the Kambo application.

We will rest in the afternoon and in the night we will go with the Matses men to look for the frogs and collect the secretion. 


 DAY 8

We will spend the morning milking the frogs and extracting more of it's precious medicine. After that there will be the 3rd Kambo application that will be performed by Robinson.  You will have the possibility to experience the power of the fresh medicine directly from the frog and see how a Matses treatment is been performed.  

 Later in the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to listen to the Matses stories and they will answer all your questions about their tribe and their use of the Kambo. 


 DAY 9-16


Throughout the dieta you will have 4 Kambo ceremonies that are obligatory,  but we also give the opportunity to have up to 3 more extra Kambo sessions during the dieta if anyone feels to do this.  

The obligatory sessions are on the 1st 3rd 5th and 7th day of dieta and the optional sessions are on the days in between.

 We will meet in the maloca in the morning, and one by one, each dietero will give Kambo to themselves, with our guidance.

 You will have the possibility to clarify with us any questions connected to the Kambo medicine but we are asking all the dieteros to remain mostly in silence and only focus on the Kambo work during the dieta. 

We'll open the dieta with a Kambo ceremony and a flower bath and we'll close it with another flower bath. 

On the 8th day of the dieta there will be no Kambo sessions and all the dieteros will have the opportunity to experience the traditional dieta.  This means, they will be asked to stay in their huts during the whole day.  The food will be brought to everyone at their huts and there will be a visit from the teachers where the dieteros can express their process if needed.  Otherwise the dieteros will remain in silence until the next day. This process is a great opportunity to connect deeper with the frog spirit.


DAY 17-18

When we close the dieta, there will be a Kambo ceremony in which you are going to give Kambo to other student.

 We will split into 2 groups: one will apply the medicine and the other one will receive it.  

 We will switch the day after. 

In the afternoon we will analyze the work of each person and give feedback. 

We will give our approval to the participants that were able to safely administer the Kambo without our adjustment to continue working as Kambo practitioners.


 DAY 19

The new KN practitioners will have an opportunity to apply Kambo in a real case situation with a person outside of the training. The Kambo session will be an authentic treatment and the practitioners will need to demonstrate everything that they learned during the training.   

In the afternoon we will discuss the morning treatments and we will give our advice and feedback for the last fine tuning for future treatments.


 DAY 20

(possible applications to new clients)

Integration circle where each participant will share their training experiences, dreams, and the dieta teachings.

Last Q&A  round  and the closing celebration around the fire in the maloca.


 DAY 21

(possible applications to new clients)

We'll leave the community back to Iquitos around midday. 

(28th of June)


 During the training we will mostly receive clients that will come for the Kambo treatments to us, this will be also a great opportunity for you to assist us in our work and deepen your knowledge in this way too, and from the 19th day of the training you will also have the possibility to apply Kambo to our clients as well.


  The training will be guided by :

 Deyan G.

  He was working for many years with different natural therapies before he started his studies with Ayahuasca and the traditional Amazonian plant medicines. Since the beginning of 2010 for over 4 years he was living in the Peruvian jungle where he studied from different masters the traditional ways of healing. 

By end of 2011 he started working with Kambo on an international level where he could collect a lot of experience by combining the traditional knowledge from the jungle and adapting it to the western requirements. The Kambo Naturista training is part of his project called A.R.R.o.W. - Ancient Rituals Roots of Wisdom – a guide line for people to reconnect with the old spiritual knowledge.

 Arnaud Árbol

 He came to the Peruvian jungle in 2001 due to a health condition he could only heal trough shamanic medicine. Inspired by this experience he studied the shamanic amazonian medicine with several maestros and maestras from different tribes.

 In 2009 he co-founded the Arco Iris community and opened the space to people who were interested to live in the jungle and reconnect with Mother Nature using permaculture, shamanic knowledge and master plants dietas as guidance. He is applying Kambo since 2013 and is guiding, organizing and supporting many dietas and ceremonies, sharing the medicine in the community, and in his journeys around the planet since 2004.

 Robinson & Julian R.

 Father & Son, two men from the Matses tribe (the only tribe in Peru that still uses  Kambo). The Kambo or as they call it Sapo has been part of their culture probably for many thousands years and this can be very clear seen in their work. 

They will be our guides during the frog scouting, the extraction of Kambo medicine and they will tell us about the traditional usage of the Sapo, Nu-Nu (a tobacco snuff), other natural medicines, their tribe and culture. 



Older then 21 years

 First Aid certification

Health check by a doctor

Personal or a Skype conversation with one of the trainers

Participation by at least 3 Kambo sessions before the training

We also recommend you to read the book SAPO IN MY SOUL from Peter Gorman 


 You can write to us for any question or for a Skype appointment: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 For a better attention, the course will be held in a small group.

 We are therefore asking for a deposit of 50% of the total amount to secure your place, and to deposit the other 50% minimum a month before the retreat dates.

 If you cancel your participation in the last month before the retreat dates, we won't be able to redound your deposit.