We are offering several Kambo trainings through the year and giving  everyone the possibility to learn in the natural surrounding of the frog and facilitating how to use this sacred medicine in safe way.

The training is set up so that you can learn step by step how to use this medicine for yourself and as well how to facilitate it for others. You will also have the possibility to meet members of the Matses tribe and learn about their traditional work with the Kambo. Our teachings are strongly rooted in the “Naturism” a way of life in harmony with nature including the spiritual aspects of it and that it is why we are looking at the Kambo medicine from a holistic and shamanic point of view. 







In this 21 days intensive retreat, you will learn to apply the Kambo to oneself and others, as well as the origins of the medicine, how to find and to “milk” the frogs and to connect to the frog spirit using a shamanic way from the jungle called Dieta”. 




The knowledge is adapted to  western needs and that is why it can be easily applied anywhere on the world. All the Kambo Naturista practitioners will have the possibility after completing the training, to connect with us for any open questions and as well  we will give you the possibility to connect directly with a western medical doctor who is very familiar with the Kambo medicine and who can give advice to any pathological related questions. All Kambo Naturista students that accomplish this training successfully will be listed on our website with the letters KNP and will be presented by us as qualified practitioners.  


  • Participation by at least 3 Kambo sessions before the training
  • Personal or a Skype conversation with one of the trainers
  • Health check by a doctor
  • First Aid certification
  • Older then 21 years                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Paradise Green Resort , Iquitos- Peru