This type of training will be offered individually by the Kambo Naturista trainers Arnaud and Deyan and can be done anywhere around the globe.

The MODULE 1 Training is set up so that you can learn to use this medicine mainly for yourself,   you will learn the theoretical and the practical art of safe use, applications techniques and the training will be specialized on your personal needs if dealing with a particular condition. There will be a minimum of 1 Kambo session given by the trainer and 5 more taken on your own and guided by the trainer.

This type of training is a great possibility for any one who likes to use this medicine on a regular base for your own personal needs or for those who wish to become a practitioner but wants to take time and work first on themselves.

MODULE A  (KN Assistant)

This can be an addition to the MODULE 1 Training, for those who want  to become Kambo Naturista practitioners and look for apprenticeship or for a deeper study after the completed KN Training in the jungle, we offer a space to assist us in our work and learn  to apply this medicine on others. This possibility will only be offered in places where there is a constant flow of Kambo ceremonies happening.

There is no specific time or number of sessions given for it, once the student feels secure to apply the Kambo to others alone and the trainer acknowledges that they are ready, this additional training will be at the end and the student will receive our blessings to continue to work on others on their own and will be listed on our website with the letters KNA. This means that the practitioner is ready to apply the medicine to others but is still missing the knowledge of MODULE 2 and needs to complete that in a time period of a year.

That is why the MODULE A training automatically commits the student to complete the MODULE 2 training during the next year, if not already done the full KN training in the jungle. There will be a charge of 90% of the costs for the MODULE 2 together with MODULE A charges which will be later discounted when attending the MODULE 2. 



 This part of the training will happen in the Peruvian jungle. In this retreat you will learn or strengthen the application of the medicine to others, you will learn the origins of the medicine, how to find and to “milk” the frogs and how to connect to the frog spirit using a shamanic way from the jungle called "Dieta”. 

Once successfully completed the MODULE 2 training the student will be listed with letters KNP on our website, if the student has also completed MODULE  A he/she will be listed with the letters KNAP and will be presented by us as qualified practitioner.

 All the Kambo Naturista practitioners will have the possibility after the completed training to connect with us for any open questions and as well we will give you the possibility to connect directly with a western medical doctor who is very familiar with the Kambo medicine and who can give advice to any pathological related questions.