Dieta is an ancient shamanic way, in many parts of the Amazon, mainly for an apprentice who wants to practice the natural and shamanic medicine, or for those looking for deep healing and personal growth.  

Depending on the tradition the dieta may vary from teacher to teacher. Usually during the dieta, the dietero would live for a certain amount of time in an isolated hut in the jungle, having a very simple food diet, obtaining from sexual activities as well as drinking alcohol, drugs and use of chemical products. The dietero should avoid all distractions and interactions with others as well as listening to music or reading books.  It is very important to follow the strict rules of the dieta if one wishes to have good results. In some cases the spirits may even “punish” someone if they are not taking the work seriously and are breaking the rules of the dieta. 



When a Natural Medicine (traditionally a specific plant based remedy, but it could also be a crystal essence or the Kambo medicine) is consumed in combination with the dieta, the physical and energetic body becomes very delicate and sensitive. In this state usually a lot of clarity will appear and one can gain deep insights about him/herself, nature and the universe. By contemplating on nature in this deep state of presence one can also understand the unity between the human and the elemental forces and cycles. This state of high sensitivity can also allow the dietero to connect with the spirit of that particular remedy one is consuming and later use its power when needed, the spirit of the medicine thereby becomes  a personal totem to the dietero. During the dieta many energies will be released and will open different blockages on all the levels (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). As well as dreams getting more intense, vivid and full of teachings and guidance.


The seven main chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through and they directly affect our being. Each chakra  is located in different parts of our energetic body, beginning from the base of the spine up to the top of the head, and is associated with special aspects of human awareness.

The dieta works directly on our chakra system and  helps to balance those energies within us. Mostly people  stay in the energy of the first 3 chakras, which are very often out of balance and mainly responsible for our material needs, therefore the upper chakras often get neglected, these chakras connect us with our higher self.

During the dieta one would tame the energies of the first 3 chakras, once comfortable with that state one would automatically move ones awareness to the center and the heart chakra and from there to the higher ones.

INDICATION FOR THE CHAKRA-DIETA WORK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • The 1st chakra is represented by our grounding, security, fears and basic needs. The dieta accommodation and the food is very simply and basic, one needs to trust to feel secure, being alone deep in the forest can trigger a lot fears which eventually one has to overcome, tobacco smoke may be also used for better grounding.
  • The 2nd chakra is represented by our relationships, emotions, sexuality and taste. During the dieta sexual activity is forbidden, the food is simple and plain, the dietero will  mostly spend time  alone, there is no stimulation from others which could interrupt this process that is why the mind and the emotions will get more calm. 
  • The 3rd chakra is represented by our energy, will power, self control and inner strength. It can get very challenging not to do anything, we are used to stimulate our minds with constant distraction or intake of information, it takes great will power and self control to respect all the given rules which will eventually show your inner strength that is needed on this path. 
  • The 4th chakra is represented by our balance, love, connection and trust. Once there is trust, one can open and start to love the experience one is going through, this is usually the moment when one starts to connect with the spiritual world, everything gets balanced and one gets rewarded for the work. 
  • The 5th chakra is represented by our communication, healing, expression and ideas. Communication by and the expression through singing is an ancient shamanic way. Songs called “icaros” are received during the dieta, these songs and melodies are a way of calling the spirits and communicating with them. Dieting helps the healing process and in this state a lot of new ideas can arise.
  • The 6th chakra is represented by our intuition, understanding, psychic awareness and dreams. The intuition and the psychic awareness gets stronger when dieting, dreams gets more vivid and it is easier to understand the bigger picture, messages and teachings that comes from the spirits.
  • The 7th chakra is beyond our understanding as human beings, it represents enlightenment, transcendence and oneness with everything. In some cases there could be a glimpse of this event happening during a dieta as well.      



The post dieta is an addition to the dieta.It is the transit state before going back to one's regular life style. The tradition, the remedy and the dieta length will influence the post dieta but in most cases one would not be allowed to eat pork, chilly, deep fried food and anything that is or looks aggressive, having spikes or similar. No sexual activity, alcohol or drugs. Otherwise one can go back to  normal lifestyle. In some particular dietas there may be a few more restrictions.The length of the post dieta may be the same amount of time as the dieta but in some cases it  can also be longer. During that period the teachings and the medicine will continue its work on a more subtitle level. 



All that can be used for personal growth, or as well when working with others. 

Considering some traditions the first people discovering and working with the Kambo were Ayahuasceros/Dieteros who were very connected to nature as they had many dietas and spirits to guide them.  In our opinion and in that of our teachers, this is a very profound connection in which someone learns to work as a holistic, shamanic and natural healer.