"Start from wherever you are, and move forward" This was the whole premise, and lesson of the training for me.  And like the Kambo frog, I can only move forward now. This was more than just a training, this was a journey into myself. I went to depths I didn't know I could go. The beauty of this, is that Deyan has the training layered in such a way that you have to truly get in touch with yourself - to be able to get in touch with Kambo. The environment is so supportive, and safe, you have the space to just "be". Everything from start to finish was thought out with our growth at the forefront. For me, there were two parts that truly stand out, the dieta, and the breath work.  I don't know that I would have been able to reach inward as far as I did, without these two beautiful components. The dieta is an inspiration, and because of this experience it's something I will definitely explore further. It was truly a blessing to be apart of this training!! Deyan works with the utmost integrity with the medicine, and comes from such a beautiful place of compassion, and understanding. I innately trusted my intuition to get here, and that's all I had to do - trust!! I highly recommend anyone who wants to deeply connect with the spirit of Kambo, to take on this journey. It's life changing, and you'll be a crucial part of making the world a better place.  I'm so grateful to be a part of the growing Kambo Naturista family!! Much love, and gratitude! Aho!!!