I’m so thrilled I chose Kambo Naturista to train. I learned so much about Kambo and the plant medicine and the universe! Deyan’s background of Ayurvedic therapies, astrological insights and method of learning was so effective and intriguing I had so much fun. Looking for the Kambo frog with Robinson and following behind Arnaud as he hacked down branches through the jungle was an unforgettable moment. Arnaud and Deyan’s energy, stories and knowledge was so informative and inspiring. The jungle changed my life and all that helped create this paradise. I will miss everybody here; Camilla bathing us in flower water, Luis’s kind tactics and genuine soul, Jessica, John and the whole community here. I love all of you. I will never forget this as I bring a piece of the jungle back with me. I’m glad I came to the source to live with the frog, find the frog and bond with the frog spirit in my memorable dieta. I'm so happy to be apart of the Kambo Naturista family. Viva Kambo!