I loved the experience and I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in taking Kambo. Deyen was so helpful both before and when I arrived. Deyen and Arnoud facilitated the workshop with a lot of love and care for the wellbeing of all the participants. I felt respected and cared for by both of them. I felt a lot of trust in them. They are both very experienced with living in the jungle and with the Kambo medicine. The medicine can be very challenging physically. I had never had Kambo before that visit. I was the only participant who had not experienced Kambo before. During the workshop I had it seven times. You learn to self administer the medicine and to give it to the workshop participants or maybe even folks who live in the community. I felt living in the jungle certainly had its challenges though at the end of the day I was very happy to have had this experience with the medicine in the jungle. We met the tribesmen...question and answer session...and on the first night went out looking for the frogs...amazing experience. The tribesman was singing to the frogs till he located them high up in the trees....when they responded to his call. We also watched and participated in "milking" the frogs. The whole experience in the jungle was unforgettable....amazing to take the medicine in the jungle...sometimes hearing the frogs singing...and the monkeys coming close to watch us taking the medicine. A very organic raw experience!!