The Kambo Naturista training helped me deepen my connection with the Kambo frog. To be part of the harvest and to experience fresh medicine gave my journey authenticity and deep connection. I couldn’t be closer to the Kambo… The whole process felt very natural and wild.

I feel gratitude for the knowledge and wisdom I gained trough the Kambo, the jungle and Deyan and Gera, which been amazing teachers. The experience with the most depth is defiantly the Dieta. Waking up with the sound of the jungle, which is like an orchestra of different insects and other animals gave me so much wisdom and rooted me deeply. I highly recommend this amazing experience is if you feel to connect deeply  with mother nature, the frog spirit and if you wish to gain more knowledge about practical use of this medicine.

The location is beautiful, a river is crossing the land where you can refresh your self and the huts are spacious and simple structured. It’s not the deep jungle where you get eaten by mosquitos but it is still wild here. Last but not least the food here is amazing and very delicious. The most love to everyone!