One of the most amazing experiences of my life, I have grown so much in this 3 weeks. The knowledge and wisdom that has been shared by Deyan and Jessica has been second to none. There can’t be a more reliable source for Kambo application in the whole world outside of native tribes, than Deyan. He has facilitated thousands of Kambo sessions and only speaks from his own experiences. He second guesses nothing and has been studying, experimenting and taking notes on Kambo applications for over 7 years.

I have so much trust in his teachings and am very confident everybody who passes this beautiful course will have the knowledge, strength and confidence to go on to be amazing practitioners with safety, safety, safety as the core foundation of all their teachings. Jessica is an amazing beautiful human being, inside and out and really has grounded us on a daily basis with so much teachings on how to navigate this life we live and how to live with compassion, grace and love. What I love most about them both is they are not teaching one way and living another. They are examples of exactly what they teach and are both living examples of compassion, grace and love. I have really enjoyed every single minute of this 3 weeks, everything has been perfect form the setting, the amazing cooks and food, the tough times, the learning times and the amazing group of lovely people that were part of it.