If I could sum up the values fo Kambo Naturista I would say safety, integrity, and heart centered mission. Finding a Kambo Practitioner Training, I really resonated with was not easy for me, and I’m so glad I chose Kambo Naturista. Truly, I could not have made a better choice. Not only was the training itself of impeccable thoughtfulness and the entire experience was truly transformational. Deyan puts heart and strong integrity into everything he does and the training and comprehensive curriculum is no exception.

To me safety is most important when it comes to Kambo, so I was delighted to learn such practical and responsible Kambo practices from Deyan’s many years of personal experience sharing Kambo all around the world. Meeting a member of the Matses Tribe and one of Deyan’s close personal friends was a highlight of my fantastic experience.

I absolutely recommend the Kambo Naturista training for anyone who is heart-forward and wishes to truly be of service to the world through the beautiful healing of Kambo.