Naturista Kambo training is more than just applying Kambo. The experience of 8 day Dieta with Kambo took me to places within and allowed me to open my heart and breathe more deeply than I could have ever imagined. After 15 years of a raw food diet, the dieta led me into the deep sense that my body no longer wanted cold raw foods. This experience allowed me to access a more grounded being.

The Kambo practitioner teaching program was of extremely high standards. The knowledge and experience received from Deyan was really enjoyable and easily absorbed.

The team teachers, Deyan and his partner, Jessica offered a wonderful mix and balance of the feminine and masculine energies. I would throughly recommend this Kambo training for anyone feeling the call to work alongside the Kambo frog.


My experience with Kambo Naturista was beyond my wildest expectations. I came to learn about Kambo but left with so much more. I learned a lot about myself and grew at an exponential rate. Deyan’s way of teaching really captivated my attention. I absorbed so much information in the 21 days spent at paradise green. The food was incredible, Deyan and Jessica always made sure we were satisfied and full of nutrients. My tambo home was very peaceful and cozy. I could hear the frogs calling every night! I came to this training feeling shy and timid. I left feeling confident and ready to share Kambo with the world. This has been one of the most beneficial experiences in my life, forever grateful!


My experience at Kambo Naturista was transformational. Having the opportunity to go to a retreat in the jungle to gain intimate experience with Kambo, and how it can benefit through my own personal healing was crucial to be an efficient and safe practitioner for others. Deyan provided an amazing space for us to train. He shared with us the history, science and sacredness of Kambo through his own experience and devotion to Kambo. The retreat was a pure paradise with amazing and healthy food, comfortable sleeping space and a whole land of nature to be one with, integrate our experience. I am truly grateful to Deyan for cultivating this training program. I will forever remember my experience with Kambo Naturista and utilize all of the teachings in my practice.

Much Love.



Amazing native food. Dieta helped us work with medicine much better. We were in higher vibration, lost the weight and many negative thinking. Deyan and Jessica are super guiders. Male and female energy together, they were still aware, present and totally focused on our work. Fully present, they gave us a lot of wisdom, experience and holistic work with Kambo. Everything was ready for us, plan the day to day communication with them was very clear and open. They're working and thinking is without ego. They helped us so much and lead us to be the best Kambo practitioners and showed us the most safe way how to work with Kambo.


I am very happy with the training from Kambo Naturista from day one to the last day, I felt taken care of and received so much knowledge. Deyan and Jessica are amazing teachers; they were incredibly present throughout the training and answered all our questions in depth. My intention coming to this specific training was to connect deeper with the frogs and the Matses and I got that and much more. Over all, it was a very comfortable stay, the food was amazing, and the staff was very loving. It felt like home in Paradise! I highly recommend this training you’ll leave feeling light, confident and inspired to spread the Kambo love!


"Start from wherever you are, and move forward" This was the whole premise, and lesson of the training for me.  And like the Kambo frog, I can only move forward now. This was more than just a training, this was a journey into myself. I went to depths I didn't know I could go. The beauty of this, is that Deyan has the training layered in such a way that you have to truly get in touch with yourself - to be able to get in touch with Kambo. The environment is so supportive, and safe, you have the space to just "be". Everything from start to finish was thought out with our growth at the forefront. For me, there were two parts that truly stand out, the dieta, and the breath work.  I don't know that I would have been able to reach inward as far as I did, without these two beautiful components. The dieta is an inspiration, and because of this experience it's something I will definitely explore further. It was truly a blessing to be apart of this training!! Deyan works with the utmost integrity with the medicine, and comes from such a beautiful place of compassion, and understanding. I innately trusted my intuition to get here, and that's all I had to do - trust!! I highly recommend anyone who wants to deeply connect with the spirit of Kambo, to take on this journey. It's life changing, and you'll be a crucial part of making the world a better place.  I'm so grateful to be a part of the growing Kambo Naturista family!! Much love, and gratitude! Aho!!! 



It’s a very well designed training. We studied and practiced each aspect of Kambo application in depth. I was really happy about the location, it’s not too deep in the jungle so there wasn’t too many bugs. Both Deyan and Jessica are attentive guides and compliment each other in their teaching style. It wasn’t just a training to learn to apply Kambo, but also a deep journey that let all participants heal more and get more in touch with their true selves. I got a lot more clear about what I want to do on my path and confident about being a practitioner.


I can't imagine a better way to learn about Kambo. Deyan and Arnaud are excellent teachers with very high standards. They have many years of experience working with this powerful medicine. The program has very good structure and I feel like I am prepared to be a practitioner. Deyan is very good at explaining theory in a clear and concise way. I like that the expectations of a Kambo Naturista practitioner are very clear. I highly recommend KN to anyone who wishes to connect with this medicine and become a practitioner. The community and setting were fantastic. I had a chance to hold the frog, see the medicine being extracted, and share a home with it in the jungle. I felt like I was at home in this community. I also feel confident in my ability as a practitioner.


This training is beautiful, profound and accurate. I received deep healing and lots of knowledge and wisdom. Deyan and Arnaud, are very good teachers and they complement each other with a professional caring and loving approach, they guide us on this journey of transformation and growth. I’m full of gratitude for everything I received here, to the frog spirit and the jungle. From the depths of my heart- thank you so much.

Mucho amor, alegria y bendiciones infinitas.



This training is a really special experience. Everyone involved really took care of us. The people I got to meet were wonderful. I learned a lot about Kambo and how to apply it to anyone safely. Not only that but experienced a lot of inner growth and self-transformation. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting to know more about healing.


There’s no better place to learn about Kambo than in the middle of a beautiful jungle surrounded with caring and loving people. During the training I received a lot of knowledge about the medicine and experienced my spiritual transformation. My heart is full of deep gratitude for the teachings I received. One of the best parts of the training was in application of the fresh medicine straight from the frog. Deyan and Arnaud are the sweetest and very knowledgeable teachers. From them I learned so much more than just being a great practitioner. I was also able to heal myself and experienced spiritual growth. I’d like to thank everyone who helped and guided me during my journey, especially Camelia and Julian.

I am returning a professional practitioner and a better person with a heart full of love. I know that I have a home and a family in the jungle of Peru. Con amor, Svetlana


The Kambo Naturista training at Aro Iris Iquitos, couldn’t have been better. In three weeks of training we receive so much information about the medicine, the frog, application methods, safety and uses of Kambo,that I think I’ve had all my answers answered. The dieta during the training allowed me to see deeper aspects of the medicine and better connect with it. The knowledge of Deyan and Arnaud, who have a holistic approach to medicine, which allowed integration of knowledge of natural medicine outside of Kambo. Participants took part in harvesting the frog, too. All this was happening in the middle of the Amazonian jungle while frogs were singing at night. A closing ayahuasca Ceremony was unforgettable and put a special finishing touch on the entire training. Thank you, Deyan and Arnaud!


This training fulfilled all my expectations and hopes. I feel much more confident in offering Kambo to people and I deepened my connection with Kambo spirit. I recommend this training to everybody who wants to learn how to work with this beautiful and powerful medicine.


I am forever grateful that I have this opportunity to connect with the spirit of the frog in such a beautiful environment deep in the jungle with so many loving and inviting people. It’s been a magical journey! Thanks Deyan and Arnaud for sharing so much wisdom and knowledge that I will keep with me for life.


Amazing experience! Powerful transformation and healing. Very professional, wise, experienced people. Wonderful community! Delicious food prepared with love. Highly recommended.


My experience with Kambo Naturista was very positive. The instructors are wonderful teachers full of so much knowledge. Between both of their different ways of working with the medicine and teaching is wonderful. It was very profound, very healing in itself and I would highly recommend this training program to anyone who is interested in working with Kambo.



I found my experience on the course to be truly transformational, working to heal me on many levels. This medicine is powerful, deep, I was challenged in many ways and feel I have learned a lot about myself in the process, which I will carry with me in my life going forward from here. The instructors, Deyan and Arnaud have a dedication to healing and want the best for every participant. Their knowledge of the Kambo is extensive, combined with a comprehensive understanding of other systems of Healing that work in harmony with the frog medicine. The course was very well structured and intensive, undertaken in the Kambo frogs natural habitat. This is a no frills experience, really getting to the nitty-gritty of our core emotional, mental, energetic blockages and working to release them in order to live a more complete and fulfilling life. Deyan and Arnaud have a lot of love, and the course is held within a very healing, sacred space. It is not for the faint-hearted but if you are considering signing up then you probably know that already, having already experienced the magic that is Kambo medicine.


If you want to connect with the spirit of Kambo, learn to work with it’s medicine and experience Kambo's profound healing in its home environment, this is the training for you. Beautiful souls Arnaud and Deyan shared their deep knowledge and experience with love and passion and insured that we would leave fully prepared to be confident practitioners. Dieta, learning all about Kambo and other powerful medicines, practical application in combination with different healing practices had an enormous impact on my experience. The magic of the forest and a loving community adds up to the perfection. Many thanks for these three fantastic life-changing weeks to both of you. With love and gratitude, Marketa


Deyan is a natural teacher and it comes through in the Kambo training. With a real immersion into the jungle, a dieta and hands on Kambo training, this is by far an amazing Kambo practitioner training. With a real immersion into the jungle, a dieta and hands on Kambo training, this is by far the best choice if you are looking for an amazing Kambo practitioner training. 


Life changing journey. Best teachers, best place to learn and connect with the Kambo spirit, Aho!


Super glad that I did this training. Every minute was worthwhile, living and fulfilling. A great experience in connecting to yourself, the jungle, the beautiful and powerful Kambo medicine. Very good Kambo trainers and assistants that knows what they are doing. Grateful for the knowledge they’ve passed on.


I am came to learn how to administer Kambo but I ended up getting so much more out of this training. I released so many fears, deepened my connection with Mother Earth and learnt a lot about myself. Trainers were great, food amazing, and the accommodation was lovely.


I’m so thrilled I chose Kambo Naturista to train. I learned so much about Kambo and the plant medicine and the universe! Deyan’s background of Ayurvedic therapies, astrological insights and method of learning was so effective and intriguing I had so much fun. Looking for the Kambo frog with Robinson and following behind Arnaud as he hacked down branches through the jungle was an unforgettable moment. Arnaud and Deyan’s energy, stories and knowledge was so informative and inspiring. The jungle changed my life and all that helped create this paradise. I will miss everybody here; Camilla bathing us in flower water, Luis’s kind tactics and genuine soul, Jessica, John and the whole community here. I love all of you. I will never forget this as I bring a piece of the jungle back with me. I’m glad I came to the source to live with the frog, find the frog and bond with the frog spirit in my memorable dieta. I'm so happy to be apart of the Kambo Naturista family. Viva Kambo!



I had an amazing journey, really loved training in the jungle, it was magical to come and meet the frog face to face and see its home. The experience of collecting the medicine and trying it fresh was incredible! The center is beautiful , the crew lovely, food delicious and healthy, and the  jungle alive and wild.

I highly recommend this if you want to connect deeply in an authentic way with this medicine. I am leaving feeling confident in using what I have learned here. Deyan and Arnaud are great teachers and are kind and friendly people. It was a pleasure spending these 3 weeks with them. Enjoy !


A challenging and rigorous training in Kambo Application, in a beautiful jungle community setting. Whether you want to apply to others or just to yourself, this training is excellent for safe practice. The dieta allows you to connect deeply with the spirit of Kambo, with yourself and with the honor and privilege of sharing this profound and incredibly healing sacred medicine. Sharing this medicine with the community’s flow of beautiful visitors game me so much hope for our tribe, our planet. Thank you to the family that held this space, nourished us and allowed me to follow my heart into connection with Kambo



 “What a gift to be able to dieta in the Amazon, collect fresh medicine and receive training from those who genuinely care about guiding practitioners to safely and responsibly share Kambo. Incredible experience.”



The Kambo Naturista training is a multidimensional education in self-healing and earth wisdom, as well as an in-depth practicum in the sharing of this powerhouse of a medicine. I came to the training for my own healing but I've come away not just free of “panema”, but also with in-depth & hands on, authentic knowledge of how to serve Kambo with love and integrity . Thank you Deyan 


I had an exceptional learning experience with Deyan & Luis. The jungle immersion, self-work dieta was a potent setting for in depth & comprehensive lesson from Deyan. I would highly recommend the training to anyone interested in a full Kambo training experience with fresh frog & deep purge. Deyan is a great teacher & everyone learned a lot.



An incredibly profound experience. From the dieta, to searching for the frogs with the Matses and receiving fresh medicine directly from them, it was the perfect setting to learn how to work with Kambo.

Deyan is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of plant medicine, and dietas, and with 6 years of experience facilitating Kambo, there is no one else I'd rather learn from.


I had an amazing time! The training is very thorough and I highly recommend it. I'm so glad that I decided to get trained in the jungle, the setting is important. Deyan  is a great teacher and he will make sure that everyone that trains with him has all the tools to be a competent practitioner. Safe + accommodating!


I am walking from the Kambo Naturista training feeling excited and inspired to share this powerful medicine with my community. Through this unique teaching style, I have become a confidant, comfortable and competent Kambo practitioner. The 16 days in the jungle complete with the dieta were an incredible experience that enhanced the potency of the information being shared. Deyans vast knowledge and experience is impressive and the generosity with which he shares is beautiful. It was an honor to work with Deyan and his team. 


Kambo Naturista is not just a Kambo training facility but an extended medicine family and they have far exceeded my expectations of what I could learn. Their professionality is complemented by an open, honest and easy going environment. Each training has something different to offer from their vast and varied experiences  and each willingly provide hospitality to suit every individuals need.

Kambo Naturista has changed my life so that I can help to change the life of others also. My deepest heart felt gratitude goes out to every one in and everyone who will pass through this space. Aho! 


When I arrive, I only had the intention of learning a safe way to apply Kambo. Being here 2 weeks later, I realize that I have accomplished that as well as learning so much about my self. That was achieved through Deyan's abilty to create a comfortable space where people from around the world can come together as strangers, and quickly become family. I love the teaching style of Deyan. He really gives each student the room to experience and learn. I quickly became fond of Deyans assistants Luis and Camelia. All nurturing people with a great sens of humor and love in their hearts. I look forward to visiting again.


Learning to work with Kambo at Kambo Naturista was amazing!

The food was great and the teachers very knowledgeable. Learning the medicine in the jungle environment was an authentic experience, especially being able to harvest straight from the frog! Highly recommended :)  



Kambo Naturista training is truly a life changing experience. Yes, you will learn how to apply Kambo but even more you will learn deeply about yourself. Deyan & Arnaud are extremely knowledgeable & share this and their wisdom & experience to create a very comprehensive training. I witnessed a transformation within myself & each of the participants of the course.

If you are ready to make a bold change in you're life and you're feeling called to join, I highly encourage you to take this step. 

I will miss the jungle.



If you really wish for a deep connection with the Kambo frog and medicine , this training should be at your spot. Deyan & Arnaud are great teachers, with a lot of experience as Kambo practitioners and they know to pass their knowledge with ease.

Right in the jungle, you gonna meet the Kambo frog, diet her medicine and apply & apply to get 100% prepared. 




The two weeks training was a life-changing time for me. I hadn’t appreciated before coming how much of a spiritual experience the whole thing would be, enhanced largely by the  seven days dieta which for me was a very deep, personal time of connection and reflection. The training is totally hands-on, and the experience and wisdom of Deyan and Arnaud is really obvious, as well as both very accessible and down-to-earth. Whilst I now need to put what I've learned into practice, I feel really excited to start on this new path and see where it takes me.


My experience with this Kambo practitioners training has been a very well rounded. Deyan & Arnaud's level of knowledge, confidence and awareness is strong in order to keep the focus on the importance of this medicine and it's uses, how to safely apply and tend to people who I now feel confident to apply it to. Being able to be in the jungle, listening to the frogs at night, having the chance to interact with the Matses to catch the frogs and extract the medicine made it even that much powerful. Also, the opportunity to learn this medicine technique while in dieta made this training a full and powerful experience, giving me the confidence to carry this medicine. I always felt safe, cared for, looked after, and pushed in all good ways. 


The experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to learn the medicine where the medicine is from offers the deepest immersion with Kambo medicine.  

Entering the jungle the spirit of Kambo was heavily present. This training offers a comprehensive approach to the medicine by teaching theory and application in the environment of the Kambo frog.

Experiencing how the medicine is extracted in a fundamental piece to understand the true potency and healing that Kambo offers.

The location is on 80 acres of jungle with a river winding it's way through the land.

The teachers / trainers shared incredible wisdom and knowledge to ensure the upmost of knowledge   and safety to be set as the standard.

If you are looking for the real deal and want to learn to work with this sacred medicine, this training offers the most authentic and informative available.



It was a great experience going in to the jungle to learn about Kambo. So raw, so natural, got to meet the frog and the Matses.

The knowledge of the facilitators were amazingly informative. Thank you.

Thank you for your sharing.


Este entrenamiento sobre paso mis expectativas. 

I gained a lot of knowledge about the Kambo medicine as well as self-healing. I also develop a strong connection with the Kambo Spirit during the dieta. Deyan and Arnaud did an amazing job about applying Kambo to ourselves and others. La comunidad es hermosa! Agradecida enternamente por todas las personas que asistieran este entrenamiento. This was definitely a life changing experience . La dieta definitivamente fue un elemento claro para entender esta hermosa medicina en su totalidad infinita. Gracias,gracias,gracias.


KN training program is an excellent program to gain a foundation of understanding the nature and complicated aspects of working with Kambo in a safe + effective way. The instructors care deeply about the medicine and it come through in the sincerely of their instruction. Not only was knowledge gained  but practical experiences to prepare for the varied reactions a Kambo application can produce.


I have had a great experience, for me it was not directly about learning to apply Kambo, but it was a  life changing course, being in the jungle meeting my fears and seeing my self.

I really liked the energy of the community, Arnaud, Deyan and the group.


Upon entering the jungle for this training, I was immediately greeted with the utmost hospitality from Arnaud and Deyan. During my stay every need was taken care of, and when a problem arose, they were quick to resolve it. The training was very informative and I felt I was in good hands. The magic of this community is something that more individuals need to experience. I will definitely be coming back for future retreats and to advance my training. 


I found the training to be very thorough, professional, complete and life changing. 

Highly recommend it.


My experience was incredible, wow what a jurny of self discovery. The Dieta provided me with the time and space to reflect personal issues/ emotions that I've never gone that deep into myself before and to really connect to the medicine itself.

Deyan & Arnaud are amazing teachers not only the Kambo but there worldly knowledge and wisdom.

I feel blessed to be part of Kambo Naturista.


Such an amazing experience with two great teachers. The training surpassed all of my expectations.

I learned so much not only about Kambo but also about Dieta, plants, ancient wisdom and list goes on and on. Deyan & Arnaud are people with different personalities different teachings styles which amounted to better understanding of Kambo, nature and life in general. I have to say it is hard to stay the same after this course. I have deeper understanding of Kambo , myself and nature. Looking back it is hard to imagine a better course and better teachers.

Thank you so much for everything. 


 I know of no other opportunity where one can train to work with Kambo in the context of a traditional “Dieta”. My Kambo Naturista training was guided and facilitated by Deyan & Arnaud with intense holism, professionalism, love, kindness, care, play and authenticity.

The unique combination of dieta, with the training, scientific and medical perspectives, indigenous perspective from the Matses tribe themselves, all in the setting of a rainforest community with incredible biodiversity, food and daily river cleansing made for  a truly profound & unforgettable experience. I could not have felt more supported in the training/dieta by Deyan & Arnaud.

I feel a deep connection with Kambo & feel totally prepared to begin sharing this powerful medicine. Much love, respect & appreciation to Deyan & Arnaud, the rainforest/ amazonia, 

Kambo & all the new & old friends & family.


 Arnaud & Deyan heve created a save community in union if a concern occurs if is immediately addressed. With this in mind it was easy to focus on my Kambo training.

The training was well structured, informative and I would definitely recommend it to anyone whom feels called to work with Kambo.


The Kambo-training was intense, beautiful and challenging.  Excellent teachers, delicious vegan food and basic jungle housing.  A lot information was provided, not only the Kambo-medicine but also on natural healing in general. In my experience, a rewarding and holistic training.