Father and son, from the Matses tribe, born in the Chovaiaco community, Loreto region in Peru. The Matses are the only tribe in Peru which preserved the knowledge of the usage of Kambo and for them it is quiet normal to introduce their children to this medicine already from young age.

In 1971, Robinson aged 8th received Kambo for his first time. For his son Julian was not different, receiving and applying the Kambo in the Matses community is just part of their culture. Cleansing from bad energies and to become a better hunter are often the motivations to do it. Nowadays even for the Matses men being good hunters is not sufficient to sustain their families. Because of the limited economic opportunities, Robinson left the Matses community in 2014 and moved close to Iquitos in order to get a better job possibilities. A year later Julian joined his father too and since then they are leaving nearby Iquitos with their families.

In January 2016 they supported for the first time the Kambo Naturista training with their remarkable skills in finding the frogs and extracting the frog venom.

Their presences and knowledge enriches the training with stories about their tribe and culture and the Kambo Naturista practitioners receive directly valuable insights about the Matses traditional work. Robinson and Julian are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to share and pass down the line their cultural traditions to all those who are open to preserve the ancestral knowledge that eventually is rapidly disappearing.

The Kambo medicine, the traditional handcraft that has been created by their family members and the fair trade retribution by the Kambo Naturista, offers them the possibility to be financially stable so that can even support their community in Chovaiaco.