There are varying traditions of how Kambo is used and that is why we consider the knowledge of the tribes as roots of a tree, and our work is to be the trunk, where the more modern western ways are the branches.

It is our highest intention to integrate the traditional foundations with a modern approach to provide a safe and solid space for our students and clients.

 The ancient wisdoms of the Amazon are disappearing rapidly because many of the younger generations of indigenous have become less interested in their traditional medicine and do not want to continue the work of their ancestors.  This is why we as Kambo Naturista have made it our mission to study this sacred knowledge in its natural environment so that we may preserve and share its spirit and life.   

 All of the Amazonian Natives and Mestizos are able to receive free treatments and training by Kambo Naturista. We hope that this exchange will help to give back a part of something that they have lost through time.