In 2001, Arnaud was suffering from his back, a double disc prolapse that was preventing him to continue his studies as  a sport teacher.

After reading a book about Ayahuasca, he decided to leave everything behind him and to go to the Amazon rainforest, in Peru, looking for healing and for answers about life, following the call of Ayahuasca.

He first got to the andes, in july 2001, and was initiated to the coca plant, before he first drunk ayahuasca in Tarapoto. After a few ceremonies, he decided to visit the Aguarun tribe, on the upper Marañon river, and experienced a miraculous healing of his back thanks to the Toe plant (brugmansia suavolens), below the guidance of a maestro toero. This amazing experience changed his life and he decided to learn more about the sacred medicines of the amazon and its tribes.

In Jan 2002, he started his apprenticeship with his first maestro, and learn with him over 3 years, and received the blessing from him to serve ayahuasca and lead ceremonies in 2003.

In June 2003, he met the "Caravana arco iris por la paz", and participated to the "Condor call", a vision council held in the sacred valley where more than 800 persons attended, from more than 30 countries. This gathering also changed his life, and he received the clear message that he had to start an ecovillage in the piece of land that he bought in 2002, near Iquitos, in the jungle.

In 2004, he deepened his studies with his second maestro, for an other year.

From 2006 to 2009, he shared his time leaving in the jungle and travelling to south america and Europe, spending time in different ecovillages and native communities, and travelling with the rainbow family and participated in a lot of gatherings and caravans.

In July 2009, with the help of the rainbow family, it was finally the right time to activate the land near Iquitos as an ecovillage project that is called "Comunidad Aro Iris" which eventually became also a healing and retread center.

In 2011, he has his first encounter with the kambo medicine and in 2013, he received the blessings from his Matses friend and teacher to serve kambo medicine and receive his first kambo stick, and realized that the kambo frogs were living around him since he first got to the jungle.In the same year he also started co-working with two Shipibo shamans, to organize healing retreats and master plant diets. Since then, he has been sharing the kambo medicine intensively around the globe, especially in south and north america and Europe. In respond to his friends demand, he started to share his knowledge and to teach how to use the kambo medicine, he is reflecting the teachings from different elders he was able to learn from in a combination of traditional and modern approach.